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You saved consistently, but as retirement nears, you realize you haven’t saved enough. With budgets already stretched thin, there’s simply not much left to invest more into an IRA or 401K. Let AMREverse help optimize your retirement so that you can live well for years to come.

If you want to build on your investments, or if you are caring for loved ones with retirement fund questions, AMREverse can help. Individuals with more serious retirement worries also have a solution.

Are Your Retirement Dreams Slipping Away? You’re Not Alone.


Providing for aging parents, adult children, and even grandchildren puts a huge financial burden on many adults. If this sounds familiar, you’re probably part of what’s now called the “sandwich generation.” These adults often have to use hard-earned retirement savings to help family pay for caregivers, housing, healthcare, and other necessities.

Other adults fall behind when employer downsizing or a serious illness pushes them into unexpected early retirement. In an instant, the retirement future you’ve imagined seems unlikely.

If you’re struggling to catch up, take heart. You can optimize your retirement by drawing on your most valuable asset: home equity.

How Can a Reverse Mortgage Improve Your Retirement Outlook?

How do you tap into this valuable asset? With a reverse mortgage. Available exclusively to homeowners and homebuyers age 62 and older, a reverse mortgage allows you to supplement retirement income with a steady stream of tax-free* funds.

Take the proceeds as a line of credit, as a monthly income stream, or use it to pay off existing debts. The choice is yours. Better yet, you’ll have no monthly loan payments* as long as you stay in your home.†

† Payment of taxes, insurance, and property charges required

Buy a Home in Retirement


Many retirees want to move to a warmer climate, move closer to family, or downsize their home. But relocating or buying another home can strain limited, fixed incomes.

Rather than put nearly all of your sales proceeds into another house, which leaves you with very little money to live on, consider a reverse mortgage to purchase your new home —with no monthly mortgage payments.†

The FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) for purchase option allows you to buy a new home in retirement without the burden of a monthly mortgage payment*. Use it for your retirement dream home, for that cottage in Florida, to relocate closer to family, or to buy a home that better suits your needs.

As a leading reverse mortgage lender, FAR continually strives to expand its product offerings and develop new services for customers and partners.

FAR’s licensed Reverse Mortgage Specialists can explain the loan options available to you and walk you through the entire process.

To explore your reverse mortgage possibilities, talk with a licensed Reverse Mortgage Specialist today.

† Payment of taxes, insurance, and property charges required

To explore your reverse mortgage possibilities, talk with a licensed Reverse Mortgage Specialist today. Don’t wait to reclaim your retirement.

Buy a Home in Retirement

Stretch Retirement Savings

Americans live longer now than ever before. Will your retirement savings go the distance?

Many older adults have realized that they just might outlive their retirement savings. When unexpected expenses arise or you’re faced with early retirement, it becomes more important than ever to stretch your savings for many more years. After trimming expenses and reducing taxes, you may still come up short. If you are age 62 or older and own a home, you may have more retirement funds available than you think.

With a reverse mortgage, you can tap into home equity on a monthly or as-needed basis. This allows you to live your retirement dream for many more years. The income from a reverse mortgage may even allow you to delay collecting social security benefits, which will allow you to maximize that source of income.

Tap into funds only when you need them with a standby reverse mortgage. Unlike a home equity line of credit (HELOC), you don’t have to repay the loan for as long as you stay in your home


Sandwich Generation Finances


If you’re struggling to find the resources to care for parents, children, and even grandchildren, don’t tap into your retirement savings before considering every other option—including a reverse mortgage.

A reverse mortgage can provide a steady flow of income while leaving your nest egg intact. Use the proceeds from a reverse mortgage to cover necessary living expenses, medical bills, or tuition costs for your family.

FAR understands the unique needs of individuals that help provide for younger and older generations. Many of us are part of the Sandwich Generation ourselves.

We invite you and your family to meet with a licensed Reverse Mortgage Specialist to determine if a reverse mortgage is right for you.



Unplanned Retirement


Many older adults are retiring younger, but not always by choice. Employers push many into early retirement as part of corporate budget cuts or business changes. One study found that of employees that retired earlier than expected, nearly half of them were forced into retirement due to company downsizing and company closures or due to evolving company needs.

Despite attractive early retirement packages and the desire to be free from the daily nine to five, many older adults want and need to keep working. However, it’s not easy to find a comparable position when you’re a few years shy of retirement.

Individuals that face early retirement have to protect their nest egg and make it last even longer. If you’re age 62 or older, consider a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage can provide a source of tax-free* income to last all the way through your retirement years. Make no payments for as long as you stay in your home.†

* Not tax advice. Consult a tax professional.

† Payment of taxes, insurance, and property charges required

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