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Derek Gutierrez,
Broker / Owner
Direct: 909-228-5290
BRE: 01177825 |
NMLS: 335933 / 974792

It ALL started in 1992 when I was 23,  I married my lovely bride Joanna, we had our first of two boys and I began my career in the mortgage business. By 2000, I made the bold move of venturing out with a partner to start our own successful company in Newport Beach, then later in 2004 after my wife had a life changing accident, it was necessary for me to be close to home so I could care for her and our boys. It was then I formed Authority Mortgage located in my home town of Corona. In addition to mortgages, I also incorporated Realtor services with AMRE Realty Company. which offered a unique combination to help my clients save considerably.


Fast forward to present day and the Reverse Mortgage industry has made significant progress in its effort to help seniors, furthermore seniors can now purchase a home with a Reverse Mortgage. My unique skill set and knowledge base allows me to help seniors on both sides of the table, while helping them with significant savings. I see many of the challenges that seniors are facing now and in the very near future, I want to be apart of the solution and help make a difference in their lives. Its rewarding to know that I can help change a Retirement Lifestyle, to make someones Life Better & Retire Better.

Need more details? Contact us (951) 272-4040

Give us a call and together, we can figure out if a Reverse Mortgage can help you accomplish everything you need. We’ll come up with a game plan on how you can take advantage of this federally-insured product and use this powerful financial planning tool in the absolute best way for you.

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