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Buying and Selling a Home Just Got Easier

AMRE Realty Company is a licensed real estate brokerage firm and Certified Senior Real Estate Specialist. We specialize in helping older adults right-size and relocate with care, ease and dignity. We know how to work with seniors during an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time of their lives. We also understand how difficult it can be to move your loved ones and the specific needs, complexities and attachments older adults may have to their home. So let us do the heavy lifting.

Free, no-obligation consultation. Experienced specialists that you and your family can consult for possible relocation solutions are standing by. Let us do the heavy lifting!

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then AMRE can help:

  1. Is your home too large and too expensive to maintain?

  2. Does your home have multiple stories and stairs that can make it difficult for you to age in place?

  3. Is your home too far from family and friends for them to help with your needs or doctor appointments?

  4. Do you want to work with someone who understands the options available to older adults and will take the time to answer all of your questions?

Need more details? Contact us (909) 228-5290

Give us a call and together, we can figure out if a Reverse Mortgage can help you accomplish everything you need. We’ll come up with a game plan on how you can take advantage of this federally-insured product and use this powerful financial planning tool in the absolute best way for you.

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